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Impostor Assassin 1

About Impostor Assassin 1

Play Impostor Assassin 1 and start an adventurous adventure in the spaceship. You will send in an Imposter who will destroy the entire crewmate.

This is an Impostor-themed game like FNF vs Impostor Among Us V3 Mod on Snake Game. In this game, you will play as a dangerous killer who silently destroys the entire crew. Kill crewmates and collect coins to upgrade your weapons and get faster! In addition, you also have a chance to play this game on many different levels. Play and conquer the levels of this game.

How to play

It is not as dangerous as Backroom Game, but the game will still give you a thrill. In this game, you have to destroy all the crew members in the spaceship. You have to kill your teammates in silence, if you let your teammates find you, you will die.

How to control: you use the mouse to control your character.