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Inky Snakes

The unique creations of the game Inky Snakes

This game still retains the characteristics of the original version Snake Game and has even more unique creations that bring a new feeling to the player.

Inky Snakes is a snake game with classic play bugs

Similar to other snake games, you will experience a snake game without having to learn new controls. You can easily control your snake using the mouse. Try to control the mouse skillfully so that your snake can move around the screen. It has to both feed and avoid other mischievous snakes. Controlling your snake is so simple that any player can do well the first time they play this game.

Inky Snakes has beautiful graphics

You can easily be impressed by the colorful paper snakes in this game. This unique and different image is what makes players love a snake game among thousands of other snake games. In addition, the fact that you move on a white background will also give you a fresh feeling. You can see your score on the leaderboard in the upper right corner of the screen. Also, you can know the positions of you and your opponent by looking at the map in the lower left corner.

Some tips for you to get a high score

You join the world of paper snakes as a tiny snake. You need to quickly find food by moving around your area. Your food hills are colorful blobs. Be persistent and eat a lot of these little spots so that you can increase their size and open the field of vision. You can then get a better overview of the area around you. The opponents' snakes that are destroyed will leave stars. This is a great opportunity for you. Be quick to spot them and eat these stars. Eating stars will help you grow up quickly, and you will easily see your score skyrocket on the leaderboard.