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io Games Wormate

The challenge of survival in the snake world

Do you want to join the giant worms in the equal fight for survival on io Games Wormate? Today, grow your worm into the longest, toughest, and fastest snake.

conquer the game io Games Wormate

In this game, are you ready for the survival challenge? All the food in this game is your favorite, which will surprise you. The online game io Games Wormate is visually appealing. It was developed on the framework of the original snake game. Charming and incredibly voracious worms come in a variety of colors. The goal is to evolve into a giant snake. Any meal that pops up nearby should be nibbled on. To grow your worms, you must consume food and stimulants. As an adult, you can catch other worms and eat their food. Check your size in women's

Some special features

The game includes a lot of players around the world. To be able to use the new skin, share the game on social media. In addition, you can collect potions to temporarily improve the worm's skills. For example, the orange potion contains growth hormone, which makes the worm twice as big, five times as big, or ten times as big, while the green potion helps the worm move 50% faster.

Instructions to play the game io Games Wormate

The io Games Wormate game is very easy. Simply control your worm across the vast arena using your mouse and consume tons of candies and power-ups for your worm to grow. To speed up, you can also click, but doing so will cause your worm to lose part of its body. You can catch smaller worms by going around them and lunging at them. You will get a lot of candy when you eat other worms. I hope you have a good time with this great game!