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Kart Racing Pro

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You will experience the ultimate gokart race. The amazing physics of this game will give you the most realistic racing feeling. The goal of the game is to develop software that can act as a training aid for professional racers, based on a physics engine meticulously designed to reproduce dynamics and conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to use the rudder even though gamepads, keyboards, and controllers are all supported. With a suitable server built in, Kart Racing Pro also allows organizing and participating in online races.

Guide to playing Kart Racing Pro

  • For the best experience, use the steering wheel. The steering wheel will allow you to experience the characteristics of the go-kart more realistically than the keyboard or the controller.
  • Pay attention to the settings for the gokart's tires, chassis, engine, and weight. To suit your driving preferences and the conditions of the track, you can modify these settings.
  • To develop your ability, practice regularly on a variety of songs. To evaluate your driving sessions and identify where you need to improve, use monitoring mode.
  • To compete with other racers, join online races. For more competitive races, you can search for public servers or join simulation racing communities.