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Katana Fruits

About Katana Fruits

Play and release stress with Katana Fruits. You will use the mouse and slash the fruits that appear on the screen. Play and slash as many fruits as you can.

It is a fast-paced game inspired by Fruit Ninja. You have to use the mouse and cut the fruits that appear on the screen. This game helps you practice your reflexes when you have to quickly cut fruit. Do not hesitate to join this fun game.

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Play Katana Fruits

Your task in this game is to cut as many fruits and score as high as possible. You have to avoid the bombs. When you touch the bomb you will lose. Also, you have to cut the fruit accurately. When you miss 3 times, you will lose. The more fruits you cut, the more points you will get. Your highest score will be saved and displayed outside the main screen.

How to control: Use the mouse.