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Kitten Force FRVR

About Kitten Force FRVR

You will go crazy with the cuteness of the cat with rainbow colors when flying in the game Kitten Force FRVR. Try to destroy any bricks that stand in your way.

Something tells us that a game like Kitten Force FRVR is not what you would think of when you think of shooting games, which is why our team is right now so thrilled about it. We now have the opportunity to share Kitten Force FRVR with you. In the game Kitten Force FRVR, your goal is to advance as far as you can. To do so, the cat must smash any bricks in his path and dodge opponents in space. Since there are many other options, such as Switch or Little Jump games, Kitten Force FRVR offers boys and girls from all around the world a completely unique gaming experience.

Each row of bricks in Kitten Force FRVR will be identified by a different number or color. For instance, bricks with the number 2 indicate that they will require two strikes to break. Blue balls with any other number on them will require several strikes before being broken. More coins that exclusively benefit you in the game are collected the more blocks you destroy. You must go through each level to become the best. You can use the money to upgrade your character, your weapons, or anything else that will assist the kitten get taller. You can use the mouse to play games.