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Kitten Hide And Seek 2

About Kitten Hide And Seek 2

Return to your childhood together with Kitten Hide And Seek 2 where you can enjoy a running game online. However, this game has a new gameplay and is different from other running games like Run Rich 3D.

In this running game, you will control a tiny girl. This girl needs to run to the finish line to complete a level. Like Water Jetpack Race, there are many levels. Help the girl to achieve her goal.

How to play

You don't need to compete with other players like playing Snake Game. However, you need to avoid the detection of a kitten. If you get caught, the game is over.

There are many objects on your way. When the kitten is about to look your way, hide behind the objects. You should only move when the kitten has left. Ensure the safety of the little girl and conquer each path. Have a nice time!