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Water Jetpack Race

About Water Jetpack Race

Play Water Jetpack Race to participate in races and win by reaching the finish line first. In the running game, you have to compete with other players. However, the number of players will be less than in the multiplayer Snake Game game. In each stage, you will play against 3 opponents. Can you win this running game?

How to play

Your task is to control your character to swim to the finish line. However, swimming is slow. You can use your flying ability by using a jetpack. To use jetpack, click the left mouse button to activate. The more times you click, the higher your character flies.

Note that there are many obstacles along the way. You need to use your flying ability to overtake them and reach your destination safely.

Unlike Pacman 30th Anniversary, there are many different levels in this entertaining game. Each level is a unique race. It is similar to Penalty Kick Online.