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Light Worm

Light Worm game is loved for its uniqueness

You can easily be impressed by this game when starting it because everything is completely different from other games of the same genre.

Light Worm still takes on the theme of the original version

Like other games of the same genre Snake Game, this game is a survival snake game. It is still based on the original theme of a small snake born into the world of snakes. It has to collect a lot of food to grow. The snake's movement space is still limited to a certain area. Simple but extremely attractive graphics are also a feature to recognize that the game belongs to the predatory snake genre.

Unique features of Light Worm

This is a game with simple but creative and eye-catching graphics using vibrant neon colors on a black canvas. This is a great combination that makes your character stand out. In addition, this game is simple to play, but it is also a big challenge for players. It has a completely different movement compared to normal snakes. It can only move in circles and change direction.

Your duties

The Light Worm game is entertaining and challenges your reflexes. The game Light Worm stipulates the player's task is to control a bright worm that moves in a circle and eats small sparkling dots. This is for the purpose of increasing the snake's length and giving you more points. However, this is not easy because this snake moves very fast and follows a circular orbit. You have to react intelligently when clicking or tapping on the screen to change the direction of the worm's movement. Note that not all breakfast dots can be eaten. You must avoid the dots of a different color, otherwise, you will die. You can see your score and try to get the highest score.