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Mancala 3D

Introduction to Mancala 3D

Mancala 3D is known to be a great mind game. In this game, you are involved in a mind match between two players. If you want to exercise your thinking abilities, this is a good opportunity for you. In this puzzle game, you can play together with your friends or play directly against the machine. In addition, there are many background themes for you to choose from, such as indoor, beach, and cave. You can change contexts to get a variety of new experiences.

Learn the rules of the mind game Mancala 3D

In this game, each player owns 24 beautiful colorful stones. Each player has 6 slots to place their stones. However, when you start spreading the stones, you can spread the snag to the opponent's square one by one. Each player has a treasury. Where is the most valuable gem? The treasury is on the right-hand side of the player. Your goal is to capture all the gems in your opponent's treasury to increase your score. Players will take turns spreading their gems in sequence. When either player has no sweet gems left in their 6 slots, the game is over.