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Memory Match

Fun and well-loved memory game

Memory Match has a fairly simple gameplay. In solo mode you have to find all the matching pairs of cards in the shortest amount of time and in two-player mode you have to find as many pairs as you can. Only two cards can be turned over each turn. With the help of the buttons below the game, you can choose the difficulty level and the number of cards to show. The cards are shuffled before being placed face down in rows and columns on the table.

You can choose Solo or 2 Player mode

Finding all the pairs quickly and with the fewest flips is the goal of the game when you're playing alone. When you choose the two-player option, you can decide to play against the computer or with a friend nearby. The number of cards shown can be changed to change the difficulty level of the game. At the end of the game, the player with the most cards wins. The first participant begins. Rotate clockwise, then continue. A player turns over any two cards in turn, keeping them if they are the same. The player flips the cards if they are not the same, then the next player takes their turn. The longer you play, the easier it will be to identify pairs, so try to recall the pictures on the cards. When all cards have been matched, the game is over.