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Merge to Million

About Merge to Million

Welcome to the Merge to Million game. In this game, you have to merge tiles of the same value together until you reach the target of 1 million.

In this game, you drag & drop tiles like in the Merge the Numbers game on Snake Game. You merge tiles of the same value to form a larger value tile. Your objective is to reach one million! You will start easy with 2, but things will get more exciting once you are at thousands, and even more.

How to play

This game has the same gameplay as Drop & Merge the Numbers. You click or tap on a tile to select it, and click on an empty place on the grid to drop it. When 2 similar value tiles stand next to each other, they will merge and form a bigger value one. You merge the tile until you reach the target of one million.

How to control: Use the mouse to drag and drop the tile.