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Monster X Sushi

Start the cute game

Play with a variety of delicious sushi Monster X Sushi. Combining sushi and the right monster, you can help the monster find his perfect love. To open two identical sushi plates and match them with the corresponding monster, you must perform memory exercises. To learn more about them, interact with them, give them gifts, and even date them. As you level up in the game, more sushi and new creatures will be added. In the game, you can also change your avatar and profile.

Some tips for the game Monster X Sushi

  • To match monsters with the right sushi, you must pay attention to their preferences and characteristics. Their details are available in the profile.
  • To open sushi plates quickly and accurately, you must memorize their positions. Two discs can only be opened at the same time.
  • Avoid opening multiple sushi plates, as doing so will reduce your time. Before time runs out, each level must be completed.
  • Support tools can be used in the game to assist you, such as a hammer to smash sushi plates or a magnifying glass to see all sushi plates.
  • As you complete stages and missions, you can accumulate a lot of gold coins.