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Mutant Snake

Your mission

In Mutant Snake game, you will be in control of a little snake that you must cleverly direct from one corner to another as it grows by devouring everything that gets in your way and decimating your opponents by biting them in two. There are two game modes available: survival and endless. By fusing various genetic strands, you can also produce brand-new, modified snakes. Want to give this game a try? Depending on how difficult you want the game to be, you can pick between survival and endless modes.

Things you need to know about Mutant Snake

This game is a dramatic fun game because of its differences from other snake games. In addition, you can play this game well if you know some tips.

Highlights of Mutant Snake

  • Experience a world full of dangerous mutated insects and monsters. You enjoy a tense and engaging atmosphere.
  • A special feature to mention is that the game has genetically modified elements. You are allowed to combine different genes to create new and more powerful snakes.
  • In addition, the game has a leaderboard, which allows you to compare your score with other players and try to become the biggest and most greedy snake in the game.

Some tips can be applied to this game

  • When moving, try to be alert. You need to observe and react quickly to the attacks of other snakes.
  • Collect lots of coins and grow non-stop thanks to a great job
  • Control your snake so it doesn't hit the cave walls or bump into them
  • The best way for you to grasp the principles of this game is to watch a video of it. You will learn more skills and tactics for yourself.