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Neon Snake

Neon Snake is a worldwide snake battle

This is a fierce struggle for survival. To overcome your rivals, try to raise the longest snake possible. With your help, make your snake the biggest snake on the playground. Absorb special energy points while avoiding contact with other players. When you are strong enough, you can start wiping out your enemies. Strong wins and weak wins are the premises of the game. Acquire special elements for solid growth to grow stronger.

How to survive in this world

You will travel to Neon Snake, a neon world that is home to numerous snake species. They are continuously taking chances with one another and competing for strength. A tiny snake will be cared for by each participant. The snake must be made to move around and look for food using the joystick. Your character can grow larger and stronger if you decide to maintain it. You can play this game on a computer using the arrow keys on your keyboard or your mouse. You will also need to assist him in chasing numerous snakes. You'll receive a variety of incentives and the highest concentration score if you complete them.