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About Oceanar.io

Join the game Oceanar.io to experience the wonderful life under the ocean! You will have great fun and be surprised when you discover this game. Start right now!

In the game Oceanar.io, are you prepared to live underwater? Various species, including army fish and puffer fish, can spread to build a barrier in this multiplayer game. Send your army some neutral fish that you have collected. Also, keep an eye out for jellyfish, which can assault your army and dismantle your units. Compete with other players to become the ocean's strongest fish queen and establish your superiority!

Your goal in the game Oceanar.io is to defeat your opponents. To do this, swim towards them and advance with your fish army. Take control of the queen fish and navigate the huge, perilous ocean while eating everything smaller than you. You can devour bigger, more significant things as you grow and eat more! Keep in mind that you can swiftly end the conflict without taking too much damage if you strike the other queenfish directly. Once you've vanquished a rival kingfish, you can seize their army of neutral fish and make it your own! Start your campaign of aquatic annihilation with Oceanar.io right away!