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Join the exciting puzzle game Outpell

For fans of English word puzzles, there is a writing and spelling game called Outspell. Move your letters to the board's squares as you work to use the special bonus tiles to get as many points as you can. The first term must take advantage of the game's center square. The red square displays the word bonus, while the blue square displays the letter bonus.

Match the crosswords to find the answer

Outspell, a word-building game inspired by the popular jigsaw game Scrabble, allows you to construct the strongest possible terms using word problems you come up with. You must consider your answer carefully before providing the final answer because the difficulty of the words to discover will grow with each round. Matching your letter tiles with the alphabet already present on the board allows you to start the game in the middle of the boards and start building words from there. Depending on its complexity and location, each crossword has a different point value. Additionally, the points acquired depend on the combined value of the mailboxes and can only be used once.