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About PartyToons

Welcome to the PartyToons game. This is a party game developed by TinyDobbins. You will control your character to participate in fun parties.

If you want to find an entertaining game, then PartyToons is a great choice for you. In this game, you can play with friends or strangers. This game has fun games such as Tennis, Popping, and more! Each mini-game has its own set of rules and playstyles. Do not hesitate to play this fun game!

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How to play

You use the keys on the keyboard to control your character. Each character has its own action keys. Play with friends to have great moments.

  • Player 1 Action keys - Arrow keys
  • Player 2 Action keys - WASD
  • Player 3 Action keys - 8456
  • Player 4 Action keys - UHJK