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Penguin Battle

About Penguin Battle

In the game Penguin Battle, you are involved in a thrilling war of penguins. This war is like a human one, as you get to use fortresses to attack your enemies.

Like all animals, penguins are social animals. However, conflicts between different swarms are inevitable. The Penguin Wars game has most realistically simulated this war. In Penguin Wars, you take the role of a penguin attempting to conquer Antarctica. You can accomplish this by forcing every other penguin from their iceberg. With just a bazooka loaded with snowballs and your understanding of shot placement, you must traverse each area.

You will compete for first, second, or third place on three of four attributes in each round of the Penguin Wars game, which consists of three rounds with three objectives each: strength, agility, intelligence, and cuteness. Each warrior penguin has statistics for each of the four attributes, and after assembling your army, you divide it into three groups to engage the opposition in combat in each location. Some penguins have spoken about having unique skills, such the ability to give gifts to other players. According to first, second, and third place, winners receive fish.