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Pet Sledding

About Pet Sledding

Join the fun snowboarding game Pet Sledding with super cute pets now! You'll get to experience a downhill ski ride and collect as many gift boxes as you can!

At the Pet Sledding game, are you prepared for an extreme ski ride? Join the fun skiing right away with adorable dogs in the brand-new, thrilling adventure known as Pet Sledding! Prior to starting a race on the white snow, pick your favorite animal! You want to collect as many presents as you can while avoiding rocks and other obstacles. You will accrue more points the more gifts you receive. We sincerely hope that you enjoy pet sledding.

All you need is a keyboard to alter course and pursue the Christmas gifts. To steer your snowmobile, press the left and right arrow buttons simultaneously. Just keep in mind that the snow is slick, so you'll easily slide from side to side! You can play the game in either of its two modes alone or with a friend. You must keep slipping if you attempt this task alone until your energy runs out. To get to the finish line, though, you'll have to compete with your friend if they join the trip.