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Pet Trainer Duel

About Pet Trainer Duel

Pet Trainer Duel is a very cute pet game. You have a pet training shop. Your mission is to help all the cats at your store lose weight by taking them hiking.

Are you prepared to assume the responsibilities of a qualified pet trainer? Animals require personal trainers as well. The game is ideal for you if you adore animals, especially adorable kitties! By placing the overweight cats on the training platform and enticing them to exercise, you will be influential with aiding them in losing weight. The cats will be weighed at the conclusion of each platform to assess your advancement. Your final objective, whether you select to play solo or with a friend in two-player mode, is to transform these obese cats into wholesome pets.

Control the cat, ascend the steps, swim, and slide over the bars as you play Pet Trainer Duel. By working out and avoiding fatty foods, try to finish each level. Otherwise, you'll gain the weight you lost. From a sick and obese cat to a strong cat for the owner's comfort. Will you be able to accomplish your mission quickly? So play this game if you want to put your knowledge of pet training to the test!