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Pizza Tower

Thrilling adventure in Pizza Tower game

Are you ready to help Peppino Spaghetti in this difficult journey? Peppino is a pizza chef. He's in big trouble when he gets lost in a chaotic world. Everything seems to be making it difficult for him. He wants to find his way back. But now he needs to face the terrifying youkai here. He needs to use his wits to pass the challenge safely. You will experience different levels with completely new challenges. If you want to conquer the challenge with Peppino, start now. The more levels you help him through, the more grateful he will be to you.

Some instructions for you in the game Pizza Tower

When encountering scary goblins, you just need to control your character to accelerate and rush into the enemy. This skill is called Mach Run, and in addition to countering youkai, it can also help him destroy some weak bricks. Never let goblins actively touch Peppino because one touch can lower your score. You can track this score in the left corner. Collect all the items along the way to increase your character's score. However, you can skip them if you don't want to waste time. Try to keep the character safe and help him reach the door at the end of each level. In this journey, if you encounter small creatures trapped, then rescue them. Break walls or blocks to save them. Then they will become your companions.