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Pokikex The Infinite Parasite

Explore the beautiful land in this game

If you love the snake survival game genre like Snake Game and are looking for something new in the genre, then Pokikex The Infinite Parasite is perfect for you. At the beginning of the journey, you will be surprised by the graphics of this game. It's completely real. But the simulated snake couldn't be more real. It even makes you scared because it looks so much like a real snake. The colors used in this game are completely fresh. They made an incredibly awesome snake game. Let's start Pokikex The Infinite Parasite and experience the fun of this game.

How to play and things to note

Before starting any game, you need to take the time to learn the tricks and tips needed to achieve good results.

Guide play

The game Pokikex The Infinite Parasite has similar gameplay to the snake games of the same genre. You appear as a small snake. In this garden, you are the only pest. So the farmers are always looking for ways to destroy you. You crawl around the garden using the arrow keys corresponding to the direction you want. If you want to become a giant snake, eat a lot of fruit in this garden.

Some notes for you

You can eat fruit. Even your own can eat. However, when you eat your uncle, you will change your strange appearance.

There will be a lot of farmers coming when they are happy. They really want to get rid of you. However, you can completely escape by avoiding their direction. The way your body gets hit by the stir-fry is because it is something that makes you lose your life instantly.

You can kill the farmers. This requires you to have sharp movement skills. Move so that your head is facing the direction of the people. He will be annihilated immediately.