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About Powerline.io

Multiplayer games served as inspiration for Powerline.io. You will change into a powerline with an auto-evolving energy source in this game.

The multiplayer game category includes this game. In an arena, you and the other Powerlines engage in a fierce battle for survival. When everything is working in a small area and you need to collect crystals while keeping an eye on your opponents. You have to focus on your opponents other than collecting bright gems to stretch to increase your length. If you hit them, they can force you to end the game. Try to focus as much as possible.

Rushing into the field, other players or the touchline will result in your death in this game. If you want to collect those delicious energy crystals and make your way to the top, you'll need to trap other players and convince them to join you. You can then use your unused energy to grow and earn more points. Can you beat the challenge of the game in Powerline.io? I have no doubt that you can succeed. But remember that all records are large numbers. You should do your best to break those records.

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