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Red Snake 3D

Start a new journey in the game Red Snake 3D

There are many snake-themed games that are inspired by the original version of snake game. In Red Snake 3D is considered a unique game of this genre. You will experience a whole new gameplay. The story of this game is also one of the big differences compared to other games. Here, you are not a predatory snake. You are also not a snake living in a confined space. You are a mischievous snake that lives on snow and ice. You love skating, and you decide to hang out on this obstacle course.

How to conquer the game Red Snake 3D

To conquer this exciting game, you need to know how to control the red snake and react quickly to obstacles.

How to control the red snake

You start the ski trip with a falling snake. You need to quickly get used to the speed of the red snake. He goes pretty fast. You control the direction of his movement by using the mouse. Hover your mouse in the direction you want, and the red snake will slither in that direction.

Your duties

You need to control the red snake as much as possible to set the record. To do this, you need to avoid the obstacles on the way. Obstacles that stand in your way are icebergs. Try to react to these obstacles to get through without hitting them. If you hit the ice or the track, you will lose and start the race from the beginning. Try to focus and control the snake skillfully to be able to go far on this stretch!