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About RedBlue

Play RedBlue and train your brain through challenges in the game. You need to control the blue block so that it reaches the position of the red box.

If you are looking for a game to practice your brain, then RedBlue is a great choice. It is the same as Maze, you swipe to control the blocks. You control for the blocks to stand close to each other to win

How to play

It is similar to the Color Maze Puzzle game on Snake Game, you need to swipe to move the blocks. 2 blocks will move together in the direction you missed. To win, they must be orthogonal to each other. There is a button if it is held by one of the squares, It will be opened. If the square standing on the button leaves the button, the door is deactivated and if there are no existing squares on an open door that has been deactivated, it will close.