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Rooftop Shooters

About Rooftop Shooters

Rooftop Shooters is a great shooting game set on the rooftop of a building. Here, you need to shoot down your opponent if you want to survive.

In the pixel-style shooting game Rooftop Snipers, you have to shoot well-known figures from the roof. You can compete against the Joker, Mr. T, and John Wayne in single-player or two-player modes. To avoid being shot in each duel, you must leap forward and backward. In Rooftop Snipers, watch out for tomahawks and beach balls. Be the first player to win three games, if possible. To win a match, just shoot your opponent out of the building. This version adds a multiplayer feature where you compete against actual players from all around the world, much like the online game Rooftop Snipers. As you work to become the most skilled player at shooting foes, up your win total.

Your goal in the video game Rooftop Shooters is to duel your opponents while attempting to stay on rooftops and escape being shot at. Use grenade launchers, sniper rifles, and other weaponry to take down your adversaries. There are three game modes: practice mode, local two-player, and online multiplayer. To unlock new skins in the play store, win multiplayer.