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Run 3

The spectacular Run 3 has a space tunnel just waiting to be found! Controlling the alien character as he runs through the space tunnel is your duty.

Joseph Cloutier created the third game in the Run series, which is called Run 3. You will take on the role of an extraterrestrial in this game as you sprint through space tunnels and jump over perilous black holes! Run 3 has two different game modes: exploration mode and limitless mode. Select Explore Mode to expand your Galaxy Map's levels. Running enthusiasts will have the chance to make new friends and see numerous unusual tunnels and spots along the route.

You need to be aware of some of these techniques in order to beat several levels in the game Run 3. The most crucial aspect of Run 3 is that you should control your jumps. The higher and farther you can jump, the longer you hold down the up arrow key. To make a tiny jump on platforms with a small gap in the middle, tap the up arrow. By employing this method, targeted attacks can be avoided. Try to keep your attention on the platforms in front of your character. Plan your future leaps by becoming familiar with the layout of the tunnel. This is a good opportunity to practice rotating the tunnels so that your character has lots of areas to move around.

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How to play

You press the up arrow key to make the alien character make a jump. You use the left and right arrow keys to rotate the space tunnel.