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Sausage Guys: Falling Down Stairs

About Sausage Guys: Falling Down Stairs

Sausage Guys: Falling Down Stairs is a great hot dog character game. Complete the mission by controlling the character to go down the stairs the fastest.

Sausage Guys: Falling Down Stairs is the ideal game for you if you're looking for something entertaining to do. In order to land and advance to the next level in this game, you must control a sausage person who is going down as quickly as you can. Make every effort to touch the ground first. The stairs are twisted and extremely narrow. Be cautious! Aim to avoid falling down the steps. Please remember to gather as many gems as you can.

After you complete a level, the game will give you a lot of coins. Purchase new skins in the store with the money and diamonds you earn. The fastest competitor will receive the highest score, so try to go as quickly as you can while being safe! Gather more diamonds, then spend them to access more awesome skins! Come join us and demonstrate your talents! Good luck!

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You use mouse to play Sausage Guys: Falling Down Stairs game.