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Slither Skins Mod

Your mission in the snake world

In the online game Slither Skins Mod, you take control of a snake on the map. Playing this game is very fun and exciting. It will give you positive energy. Each player controls a snake. Each snake has a completely different expression. You will laugh when you see the interesting expressions of each snake. To gain weight and prevent running into other snakes, your goal is to consume gift boxes, ice cream, cakes, and candies. This game offers a variety of snake skins, from simple to complex and cute to cool. In addition, you can talk, zoom, and program.

Some tips

  • Choose one for the snake in your favorite color.
  • To enlarge or reduce the screen, use the zoom option. The Z key can be used to enable or disable the launcher, and the mouse can be used to change the launcher. Press the One key, will also start auto-launch mode.
  • Pay attention to your location on the map. The key can also be used to display your location and the locations of other snakes on a mini-map.
  • The game can be popped in or out by pressing the T key. You can control your snake with the mouse.
  • Use chat tools to exchange information with others. You can type your messages in chat windows using the Enter key. By selecting the desired contact and pressing the E key, you can also use the expression in the chat.