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Slither Space.io

Slither Space.io game has a unique novelty

The game Slither Space.io is based on the original version of the snake game and has new innovations that will delight players who love the snake game genre.


Slither Space.io is known as a game of the predatory snake genre. You will be completely surprised when this game replaces the image of gluttonous snakes with super-cute spaceships. Are you confident in your driving ability? With this beautiful space, you feel like you are traveling in the universe.


These sparkling stars on the black background are the targets you need to collect. Collect as many stars as possible to make the spaceship the longest. Let's compete head-to-head with other astronauts in a rival space like this.

How to become the longest spaceship

The boost feature can be used to move faster and attack enemies, but it can also cause some size reduction. By holding down the left mouse button or double-tapping the touch screen, you can speed up.

Eat other players' stars when you destroy them or when you remove their tails. This is the fastest technique to both grow and die faster. A giant, perishable spaceship produces a lot of food. You can 'smell' other people's loot if you are confident in your ability to handle snakes.

When you're long enough, run in circles to surround the smaller spaceships and force them to rush at you and crash into you. This strategy works well to eat smaller spaceships and fend off attacks by larger cosmic toques. In Slither Space.io, the circle encirclement strategy works because you can stab yourself without dying.

You must avoid colliding with other planets or spaceships. If you do so, you will be destroyed. Planets can also be used as shelters or to launch attacks on enemies.