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Smart Slither

Welcome to the game Smart Slither

In this game, you are a green snake. Like other games of the same genre, your mission is to survive. Your feeding becomes more difficult as you have to chase the blobs to eat them. Your eating and growing up will not be easy because the food source in this game is not much. You need real patience and quick observation to see the food. It is the difficulty of this game that keeps you interested, and the game always has charm. You can completely become the biggest snake in the game if you have mastered the operating rules of the Smart Slither game.

Control your snake and become the biggest snake

The Smart Slither game allows you to use the mouse to adjust the snake's path and trajectory. You try to react in time to make sure you don't hit anything other than other snakes. Collect as many floating lights as you can, or whatever else you can see on the floor of the game screen. In this particular mission, the goal is to avoid being crushed by players bigger than you. So watch out for enemies that are approaching you. Use a super booster to speed up your snake instantly. To make other snakes afraid of you, you must eventually become the biggest snake of them all. Track your scores and leaderboards, and try to stay on top. Don't forget to use your awesome skills and collect lots of dots on your crawl!