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Snake Swipe Puzzle

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Are you ready to join the puzzle in the Snake Swipe Puzzle game? Test your wits in this fun puzzle game now. Your task is to move the green snake so that it fills the maze at each level. You have to use strategy to navigate some stages of the game and swipe the snake to advance. Your ability to navigate the maze will decrease as you level up. The game will stop if the snake runs into any barriers or hits itself. The game has stunning visuals, fun sounds, and engaging action.

Play strategies you can refer to

  • Quick swipe: You should swipe quickly to move the snake because if you swipe slowly, the snake will shrink and not be able to fully fill the maze path.
  • Planning ahead can help you determine the best direction in the maze, avoiding getting stuck or even running into a snake. You should see the entire path of the maze before moving the snake.
  • Use clues: If you get stuck with a level, use hints to help you figure out how to continue. By completing levels or watching ads, you can earn hints.
  • Try playing higher levels or creating your own levels using the Level Editor feature if you want to make the game harder for yourself.
  • Also, if you are stuck in a difficult maze, you can completely ask for help from your friends to be able to solve the puzzle and pass this level.