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Snakes Apples

Experience the funny life of a mischievous snake

I can suggest the game Snakes Apples. The goal of this free-thinking game for everyone is to instruct the snake to eat each apple in the correct order. But don't let the seemingly easy job fool you! The snake has to go through every hole in the chessboard to eat the apple. The game has many levels, ranging from simple to complex. To solve puzzles and complete stages, use logic and strategy. You also have to pay attention to the timing and amount of the snake's movements.

How to play and some tips for you

To conquer and enjoy the fun game Snakes Apples, you need to know the controls well and know some tips to switch smarter.

How to play

This game has simple and easy-to-understand gameplay. You can completely familiarize yourself with the transformation of the green snake. You use the arrow keys to control the snake's slithering direction.

Some tips

You have to start at the apple with the largest number and end at the apple with the lowest number. Apples must be consumed in descending order, from highest to lowest. Without stopping or repeating, you must crawl through each empty square on the chessboard. Do not crawl over snake tails or squares with black dots. To choose the best path for the snake, you must use reasoning and planning.