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Conquer the puzzle game Sneks

Do you like snake games? If you love such games, then try to play its new version called Sneks. This game is loved and widely shared by many players. Although it is a snake-like puzzle game, there are new elements. You are responsible for completing the puzzles at each level. Drag the snake through the maze to position its head. Starting the game is very simple. However, with new mechanics such as including snakes of different colors and growing apples, the game becomes extremely difficult. The genre of arcade and puzzle games includes this online game.

Rules of the game Sneks

Move each snake head onto a symbol of the same color to finish a level. No snake components are allowed on a level that has an X in it. Click and drag on the snake's head to move, or use the WASD or arrow keys. To flip between different snakes, press space. R for a restart, and Z for an undo. To get back to the level selection screen, press G.