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Soccer Snakes

Soccer match with snakes

Are you ready to join the ballgame with these mischievous snakes? This is An exciting football game with a top-down view you cannot miss. It's like any other football game, your task is to score as many goals as possible. To score the opponent's goal, you can play alone or with others. You will control your snake on the football field to put the ball into the opponent's goal. You can increase your speed to move faster and create lovely balls. There are three game modes and two difficulty levels in a snake soccer game. With the help of the split screen option, you can play on the same computer with your friends.

Some tips in the game Soccer Snakes

  • Use the snake's acceleration to move faster and create mutant balls.
  • To score dangerous goals, try to push the ball into the corner of the goal. Avoid clashing with walls or hostile snakes because by doing so you will lose control of the ball.
  • You can play with friends which will allow you to support each other and make accurate passes.
  • To increase the difficulty and fun, you should experiment with some game modes.