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Stabfish 2

About Stabfish 2

Welcome to the Stabfish 2 game, where you will be involved in intense battles between sharks. You must defeat other sharks and bring back the loot.

It is not like the neon races in the Slope Run game, Stabfish 2 is set in the vast ocean. You will participate in wars for resources with other opponents. You need to quickly attack your opponent to rob their resources. Collect resources and upgrade yourself to become the strongest in this game.

How to play

It is the same as Zombie Hunters Online on the Snake Game website, this is a fast-paced game. You need to quickly avoid the opponent's attacks, at the same time, you need to attack them to rob resources. When you stab enemy sharks, they get stuck in your tusks. This will remove them and spill food for you to replenish. Play and dominate this game.

How to control

  • Use mouse to direct your weapon
  • Left-click and right-click to use skills