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Super Lule Mario

Join Lule's adventure in the game Super Lule Mario. Your goal is to help hero Lule save the princess. To do this you need to overcome all the challenges.

You will play as Lule- a person with super powers. The peaceful atmosphere of your kingdom is broken by evil enemies. They kidnapped the princess. Everyone was very worried about her safety. Ban is a hero with super powers. Therefore, the responsibility of the lord is yours to do. Let's start the journey to rescue Lule's princess in Super Lule Mario game now. Everyone believes that you will rescue the beautiful princess from the bad guys.

Your objective is to assist Lule as she faces challenging obstacles to save Princess Lili. She must be terribly frightened and anxiously awaiting your arrival so she can escape the enemy's clutches. You can play alongside our gallant hero in his journey to save the little princess Lili, who is held captive in the castle, in this most recent platform game, which is available online for free in html5. You have to complete the level successfully in order to see the Princess. It is really difficult to get through these stages; there are tons of adversaries and obstacles in your way, so you must be ready to deal with all of this danger. The most crucial factor is that you must triumph over every villain and come out on top.