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Become a bigger worm and defeat all the other worms

Being a worm is challenging, especially in this heroic arena! In exciting game Sworm.io, can you assist your worm to live and grow in strength? As you compete against players from all over the world, gather boosters and eat fireflies to give it armor. The objective is to move and eat bugs to grow. You can better protect yourself and your worms by using it and other advantages. Because you'll all compete to be the last person standing. We wish everyone who plays this game luck and encourage you to try some of the other new games we add each day!

Strategy in the game Sworm.io

Eat a lot to increase your size. Avoid touching other players' worms to avoid your worms dying. Get shield rewards from eating bugs to armor your worms. No one can cut through deep armor! To temporarily extend the consumption gap, choose magnetic benefits. To increase the number of worms in your flock, choose to encourage worms. If they don't have armor, cut the other worms!

How to control your worm

You can choose your favorite worm to play with on Sworm.io! To turn on Speed Boost, hold down the left mouse button or the "W" key. To cut other worms, hold down the right mouse button or the "Space" key. The mouse wheel can be used to zoom in and out. As your depth grows, the viewing distance automatically grows as well. After the game is over, you will receive a personal achievement notification with your score; don't forget to share it with your friends.