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Beautiful 3D world in the game Trains.io

You will be excited as you begin to experience a beautiful 3D world in the game Trains.io. This is a fun single-player IO game reminiscent of the classic snake game. However, it has many unique differences. You will control a railway of many carriages instead of snakes. Drive around this large, car-filled area to investigate it. Try to collect as many different goods as possible along the way to expand your number of wagons. Your only goal in this game is to survive! There are many different types of cars in the area, some of which are your enemies. To win this battle, you must be the biggest train in the arena!

Be careful when moving

As you collect abandoned bolts, nuts, tools, and wagons from other trains to get bigger and bigger, proceed with caution to avoid being destroyed and climbing the leaderboard. Also, you need to pay attention to avoid the walls around the playground. Most importantly, you must avoid colliding with other trains or the edge of the screen, because if you do, your train will be crushed. The other AI players will collect the loot from you. Do you believe you possess the necessary skills to become the biggest trainer? If you are long enough, then proceed to surround other players in your path. Play Trains.io now to learn and enjoy yourself!