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Vex 3

About Vex 3

For fans of running games and stickman lovers, Vex 3 is the perfect game for you. Join the race now and conquer all the obstacles on the track.

If you are a fan of Vex games, then Vex version 3 is perfect for you. Welcome back to the games in the Vex series! This game is the third in a long series where you play as a stickman avatar and go on exhilarating adventures. Are you courageous enough to navigate this action game's challenging tracks? Start the game now and showcase your abilities!

In Vex 3, as in all previous iterations, you continue to guide your stickman past dangerous barriers, including spikes, grinders, spike wheels, etc. If you run into these barriers, you'll lose your life. Numerous checkpoints serve as mile markers for runners. After dying, you will proceed to the closest checkpoint to restart the race.

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In the Vex 3 game, you use the arrow keys to control your stickman character.