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Zoo Boom

Start the cute animal puzzle game with animals

If you are an animal lover, you cannot ignore the Zoo Boom game. This game gives you an enjoyable experience with extremely adorable animal graphics. You will be immersed in a cute space with many animals such as cats, birds, elephants, ducks,... This is an animal-themed puzzle game. Are you confident in your ability to solve puzzles? Game Zoo Boom is very easy to play, and you can play completely with friends to increase the number of searches. Start your journey by matching blocks of animals of the same species in this fun game!

Rules of the game Zoo Boom

To add animals to your zoo, you must match at least two of the same species. Attempt to combine many animals of the same type to produce unique boosters and combine them for a large explosive effect. The difficulty of the challenges increases as you advance. If you run out of boosters, you can always buy more at the store. They'll be quite helpful. Can you earn three stars on each of the 100 levels?

There will be more challenging tasks as you advance, such as releasing overcrowded caged animals, damaging crates, and removing dangerous mushrooms. In case you are stuck and can't finish the essential chores, just buy extra help items in the shop and use them in the game.