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Cat Runner 1

About Cat Runner 1

Play and participate in the dramatic chase in Cat Runner 1. In this game, you will control your character to overcome obstacles and collect coins.

This is a running game like Skate Hooligans on Snake Game. In this game, you need to chase a thief, and at the same time, you need to avoid speeding cars and trains. You must not let yourself fall or the thief will run away. What are you waiting for without playing this exciting game?

How to play

It is not a horror game like Five Nights At Freddy's 4, but Cat Runner 1 still gives you dramatic experiences. You have to chase a thief and avoid obstacles. You can also collect gold to buy different cat characters. In addition, you can buy houses, and you buy furniture to decorate your house. Play and have fun in this game.

How to control: Use the arrow keys.