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Skate Hooligans

About Skate Hooligans

Take part in adventurous races in the Skate Hooligans game. In this game, you will control a naughty boy and help him escape from the pursuit of the police.

This is a running game like Slope Run, however, you are being chased by the police. You must control your character very carefully so as not to be caught by the police. At the same time, you need to avoid obstacles and collect coins. Let's play and go far on this road.

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How to play

You are being chased by the police and you have to escape from this chase. It is like Water Jetpack Race, you have to control your character to avoid obstacles. You will run over obstacles in the city such as submarines, cars, and barriers. Use the keys on the keyboard to control your character. You can not fall if you do not want to be caught.

How to control: Use the arrow keys to control.