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Cookie Clicker City

About Cookie Clicker City

In the Cookie Clicker City idle game, you need to create cookies to build and upgrade your city. Let's build the most advanced, splendid cookie city!

Are you ready to build your own cookie world in the game Cookie Clicker City? Try the Cookie Clicker City game, which you can play for free online. You may click to earn a lot of cakes, which you can then use to make contemporary tools to turn a barren piece of land into a vibrant, modern city. There are five major stages in the game's development. In the game, you can construct up to 18 structures at once to expand your city and boost output. There are roughly 600 upgrades and 700 achievements to be unlocked in this game. There are so many wonderful new things to discover.

In the Cookie Clicker City game, your objective is to click on the largest cake on a different island to produce an endless amount of little cakes. The two most crucial factors are patience and effective cookie management. To obtain more cookies while playing, strive to increase the number of cookies received with every click and save additional cookies. To transform the land from a primitive to a modern state, use the pie you prepare. Spend the cake you make on essentials that will help you establish a typical city lifestyle. new and sophisticated Your ability to produce more cakes will be significantly increased by the goods and buildings you purchase.

Cookie Clicker City is the ideal game to play in your spare time, also you can play some other games like Slope 2, Save My Pets, Drop & Merge the Numbers, Blocks Fill Tangram or Twirl for more fun.

How to play

You use the mouse to play the game Cookie Clicker City.