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Save My Pets

About Save My Pets

Test your logical thinking ability in the Save My Pets game. You need to use a pencil to draw the walls to protect your dog from the attack of bees.

Your pet is being attacked by bees and your task is to help him not be stung by bees. You will use a pencil and draw whatever you want as long as it protects the dog. The pet will be attacked for 10 seconds. Therefore, you should draw a shield to protect the bees before they can attack your dog.

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How to Play

  • Draw a line to create a wall to protect the dog.
  • As long as you don't let go, you can always draw the line.
  • You can let go after producing satisfactory protection.
  • Wait for the bees in the hive to attack.
  • Hold your wall for seconds so that bees will not attack the dog.