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About Impostor.io

Join the fierce battle between the astronauts in the game Impostor.io. In this war, you have to arm yourself with weapons to defeat your enemies.

Impostor.io is a game you can't miss if you love the Among Us characters. Are you ready to accompany your favorite character in a fierce battle? You will be required to take part in a chaotic battle between numerous other impostors here. In this game, you have a stick as your weapon. To destroy them, you'll go out and fight others. However, you also need to be very careful because around you there are many opponents, and they can all attack you at any time. Can you destroy all opponents to become the winner of the game Impostor.io? Start the battle now!

In the game Impostor.io, your objective is to eliminate as many adversaries as you can. There will be enough blood in each person to support life. Pay attention to someone's displayed health before you begin hitting them. Continue assaulting him until all of his visible health is gone, and he will die right away. But watch out, other people might treat you similarly! And the victor of this conflict is the final survivor!

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