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Ninja Kid vs Zombies

About Ninja Kid vs Zombies

Are you ready for adventurous challenges in Ninja Kid vs Zombies? You will have to control your character to move on dangerous roads and collect stars.

In this game, you will have to run on a dangerous road like in Death Run 3D and Slope Run. You control your character to kill zombies and collect coins. Your goal is to go as far on this track and collect as many coins as possible. You jump to pass the zombies, and once you touch the zombies, you will die. However, you also jump on zombies to kill them.

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The character

This game has 3 characters for you to choose from

  • Samurai: This character wears a black suit and a hat that covers his face.
  • Ninja Kid: This character also wears a black suit with a mask to cover his face.
  • Ninja Girl: This character wears a girly pink outfit with red hair.