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Solitaire Seasons

About Solitaire Seasons

In the puzzle game Solitaire Seasons, your goal is to remove every card from the playing field. To arrange the cards in your deck, select them from various fields or stockpiles.

Your goal in Solitaire Seasons game is to organize all the cards on the field of play into your deck. How should you mount them on your deck? The card's number must differ by one value from the card in your deck that is below the playing field. You can pull cards from the stockpile if there are no matching cards on the playing field. To avoid running out of cards in the stockpile, you must solve puzzles to remove every card from the playing field. If you think too slowly, time will run out. Always keep in mind that the number of stars depends on the final moment.

Solitaire Seasons game has many levels for you to challenge. Come to this fun card game and pass all the levels easily. The Solitaire Seasons game is not just an ordinary entertainment game. It also helps you train your brain to be more agile. It has a lot of levels with increasing difficulty through each level, creating a challenge for players. The Solitaire Seasons game is suitable for killing time or playing with friends in your spare time. Have a good time playing the game!

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