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Zombie Derby 2

Zombie Derby 2 is an intriguing driving game. Come to this game to feel what it's like to be driving a car and shooting zombies.

Can you explore a track full of unruly undead in Zombie Derby 2? Do scary zombies scare you? Don't panic! You are given access to an extremely advanced, highly specialized vehicle in Zombie Derby 2. In this game where you kill zombies, it is your help. If you operate this extreme vehicle, you will be safe. Just act quickly and eliminate any zombies that stand in your way. Are you ready yet? Now start playing Zombie Derby 2! The Zombie Derby 2 game, however, gives you exciting moments despite the 2D graphics.

In Zombie Derby 2 game, you have to carefully drive your vehicle to the destination. To complete the track and advance to the next level, you must remove all zombies in your way, get past obstacles, and avoid bomb craters. The bomb crater is the only object in this game that can kill you. Also, because the power source could run out, you must be aware of it.

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